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Police Truck

split k7 W/ haute couture

split k7 W/ haute couture Cover Art

hey mate
I'm fine, what about you? How's Russia these days?
Looks like Russia is kind of shitty these times (well, through our newspaper)
I don't know much bands from there, but i have a record from CUT'N'RUN somewhere, from 2005 or something

Well, I'm not from Paris actually, I'm from Brest, west of France
I lived in Paris for 6 months, and worked there. Great city, numerous cool places to hang out, beautiful places to see, but also a lot of places full of poverty, especially in the suburbs. But you know shit happens, a lot of foreign people think they're gonna find a good life and a work in Paris but in the end they don't find nothing and just end up living there in a shitty appartment. Not just foreign people, but also french people think it's easier to find work in Paris, maybe it's true for little jobs, but a real work is not.
Concerning Punk Hardcore, I've seen a lot of kickass shows in Paris, in small venues. Like Dean Dirg, Government Warning, Wasted Time, Fucked Up, NoBunny, New Bomb Turks... Lot of shows are happening. There are a lot of posers too, and a lot of people with money. I mean a lot of money ha ha so it's quite easier for them to buy many punk records and going to shows. People from my city are more working class dudes. Just hanging out the streets surrounding by crazy people, junkies and fucked up kids you know. But i don't know, in Brest people gets really crazy during shows, they do pile on, lot of stage diving and stuff. In paris they're not really like that, not that wild, they're more into standing up and watching the show. Sometimes I was fooling around with bands, you know joking with them and fucking with them for fun but some people in the audience didn't like that. I don't know, the bands doesn't seem like i was stupid or bothering them. Usually they're quite serious. But I saw them sometimes getting crazy like this gig with Fucked Up in a small club or Government Warning in the same place. It was fucking intense.

So, what d'you want to know?
I'm 22, listen to punk rock for 10 years now. I play in hardcore punk bands since 2004, my first one was a thrashcore band called Cynical Bastards, I was playing the guitar. Some of the members played in Thrashington DC, awesome fast hardcore band that puts out two great albums, toured the US and in Europe (germany, belgium, holland, etc).
I also played in SANTA CRUZ, since hmm 2005, we recorded a demo the following year, played great gigs with Gorilla Biscuits (hardcore legends from new york), BUSH (amazing punk band from brazil), Motivation, Crippled Fox from Hungary, lot of shows in France. We released two seven inches and an album called "Smartest Band In The Fucking World", it's kind of similar to the early Beastie Boys, Bad Brains, Minor Threat.
Now I sing in POLICE TRUCK, a punk rock band with an 80s hardcore touch and melodies. We're going to release some records soon, i could send you some songs
I also sing in THE NIGHT STALKERS, a raw hardcore punk band with bad attitude. haha just the way it should be. We released a demo this august and it begun to get real great because a lot of labels sent mails to release our stuff, in tape in germany/france/usa/canada and as a seven inch in France also. So its cool. We will record another EP in january or something. It will be crazy you'll see ha ha

Other french bands you have to check out:
BIRDS IN ROW : intense hardcore such as modern life is war from LAVAL. they're going to put out an album on Deathwish records in the fucking USA, the label of the CONVERGE's singer
YUSSUF JERUSALEM : awesome garage from Paris, really cool and crazy dudes. The singer is always wearing a medieval armor haha and has a fucking bowl cut because he's obsessed with Joan Of Arc!! Unbelievable
GASMASK TERROR : hardcore crust from Bordeaux, it kicks asses live.
STRONG AS TEN : thrash hardcore from Metz, really fast, really trash. Really nice and funny guys!
PIZZA OD : punk rock sung in french from Lyon, they released a great EP

their are more bands but it's late i'll tell you tomorrow!
Cheers man


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